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Melpomene's Graphics

... making your journal pretty.

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Who In The What Now?
Welcome to Melpomene's Graphics. This is the graphics journal of me, melpomeneschild. Here you will find my icons, colourbars, friends only banners, mood themes, and override layouts (i.e. everything you need to make your journal pretty).

1. Don't bug me in my private journal.
2. Don't advertise your community here.
3. Upload all images onto your own server, unless otherwise stated.
4. If you're going to take something leave a comment and tell me.
5. Do not take codes for other users.
6. Always give credit:
- For icons this is a link in the keywords.
- For layouts this is a link in your sidebar or userinfo. (If there is a credit link in a layout don't remove it!)
- For FO banners / colourbars this is a link under the piece or in your userinfo.
- For mood themes this is a link in your userinfo.
7. Please, other than minor alterations, do not edit / mess up / fiddle with graphics and overrides.
8. This isn't a request community. However, I have nothing against suggestions. :D
9. Enjoy!

If I find that you have broken the rules you will recieve one warning before being banned for all eternity.

Resources & Credit.
Squid Fingers: Backgrounds
Potterpuffs: Images
Kurt Halsey: Images

What's Coming Up...
1. Remus Lupin Potterpuffs Layout
2. Severus Snape Potterpuffs Layout
3. Bridget Jones Mood Theme

"How to" Guides.

The Shit List.
None yet! :D

None yet! :D

Current Background by SquidFingers