melpomeneschild (melpomeneschild) wrote in melpomenes_gfx,

Welcome to my Lair of Loveliness.

Welcome to Melpomene's Graphics. This community is friends only, thus you must join before viewing the good stuff, because I am both paranoid and harpy-like. I also suggest reading the rules before that is done, so that we are on the same page, and I don't try to visciously claw the life from your soul when you do something silly. :D Got it? Good.

Now that that is done, enjoy!

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i joined but i still can't see anything :-(. do you have to add me? will you do so?
Oh my... membership should be open... this is quite odd.

I've noticed that sometimes when I join a new community I have to refresh it or re-join it a few times before the membership kicks in. LJ is sometimes silly like that.

Anyways, I just fiddled with the layout - can you still not see anything? If not, never fear. We'll get you in eventually. :D
i see stuff now! yay! i refreshed a bunch but didnt try leaving and rejoining but now that it's been a few hours i guess it's decided to let me in :-P. stupid internet!